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After years of extensive research analyzing facial expressions, body language and verbal responses from a ridiculously large amount of drinkers, we at Mixitbaby are proud to present our revolutionary Shooter Shaker App.

This handy mobile app is based on our universally renowned and globally famous shot rating system featured in our award winning line of splash-proof, pocket-sized cocktail guides. The Shooter Shaker was designed to give you and your friends hours of endless fun or at least as long as you remain standing.

Let your mood guide you to choose from one of our four systematically formulated shot categories:

shooter shaker

After picking your desired shot category, shake your device and let the Shooter Shaker do the rest. Will it be a Vulcan Mind Probe, a Naked Twister, or Scooby Snack? The Mixitbaby Shooter Shaker is the magic eight ball of the shot drinking world. Let the Mixitbaby Shooter Shaker do the thinking while you do the drinking.

So whether you're toasting a shot at the bar, or at a party feeling like a movie star, you can count on the Mixitbaby Shooter Shaker to never be far.

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