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    Shot Types Explained
shooter shaker app tutti fruity  

Tutti Fruity (A.K.A -Foo Foo shot) - A tropical burst of fruit flavors usually not too strong (alcohol tasting that is) but effective all the same. These shots are perfect for winning over that gorgeous lady or sensitive man.

shooter shaker app dreamy n creamy  

Dreamy N Creamy - A rich blend of liqueurs, very tasty, reasonably strong. Great after dinner shots or for those just looking for that pleasant warm feeling in their belly.

shooter shaker app mucho macho  

Mucho Macho - The ultimate statement in being 'hard' These shots are strong. Not for the faint of heart! Usually made for people who either want to look tough or want to see somebody else crumble.


Wild N Wacky - Will definitely brighten up a dreary bar room.. From Blow Jobs to Orgasms, Brain Tumors to Brain Hemorrhages, these shots are fun fun fun!